General Positions



Job Title: Caregiver

Reports to: Operations Manager / Director

Position Objective:

The caregiver is vital to the success of this agency. He/She will build relationships with our clients. The caregiver is the primary representative in the home and is responsible for setting high standards and exceeding all expectations by providing exceptional service. 

Position Responsibilities:

As a Caregiver, you provide a variety of non-medical services that allow seniors to remain in their home. Caregivers will be responsible for providing both Companionship and Personal Care (hands on) services. Please read below for a list of these responsibilities.  


Companionship – Are services that stimulate, encourage and assist an individual. 

· Providing companionship and conversation

· Provide respite care

· Providing stabilization, assistance with walking and transferring

· Preparing meals and cleaning up meal-related items

· Providing medication reminders and appointment reminders

· Assist with evening and tuck in if required

· Aid with morning wake up

· Assist with appointment setting if needed

· Aid in Reading if needed

· Mail organization if requested

· Participating in games, activities and mind stimulation

· Assisting with Mobility

· Assisting with eating

· Performing light housekeeping tasks (dusting, vacuuming, making beds, changing linens, take out trash, cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, spot mopping, cleaning up any spills. 

· Washing laundry if required

· Pick up prescriptions

· Running Errands

· Assist with Pet Care

· Transportation to and from Doctor appointments, hair appointments, social outings, etc.

Personal Care - (Hands on)

· Bath, Bathing, Showering

· Wash / Dry Hair

· Dressing

· Non-Medicated Lotion application

· Shave w/Electric or Safety Razor only

· Toileting Assistance

· Changing Depends as needed

· Emptying Catheter / Ostomy Bag

· Peri-Care

· Feeding in Bed

Couple Care 

· Includes all companion and personal care services

Overnight Care

12-hour sleepover and 24-Hour Care

These Services consist of an overnight shift or 24-hour shift to ensure they safety and well-being of the client. These are always prearranged, should the cause arise you must contact the office before agreeing to the assignment. 

· Performing the same responsibilities as Companionship and personal Care services

· Assisting the client to bed and throughout the night as needed

· Preparing morning meals and clean-up of meal related items

· Washing and changing the linens that you slept in and replacing the bed with fresh linens.

Secondary Responsibilities

· Contributing to a positive living environment to enhance a client’s quality of life

· Performing other reasonable duties as assigned

· Reporting hours according to office policy when working under or over regular schedule

· Completing and delivering / mailing Log Notes to the office in the time allotted (only if requested by management and mailers along with postage would be supplied)

· Reporting a significant change in a client’s needs or living conditions

· Regularly communicating with supervisor and office staff

Essential Qualifications 

An individual must posses the minimum educations, experience and skills to perform the primary and secondary responsibilities the job requires. 

· Ability to lift, push or pull up to 25 pounds

· Ability to bend, twist, stoop, kneel and reach

· Ability to withstand exposure to dust, mold, mildew and cleaning solutions

· Ability to treat and care for clients and their property with dignity and respect

· Ability to adapt to various living environments and locations

· Ability to communicate with clients in a friendly and congenial manner

· Ability to read, write and understand English

Special Qualifications

Ability to drive or take public transportation to client locations

Potential Qualifications

The Caregiver position may require you to run errands and provide incidental transportation for a client using your vehicle or a client’s vehicle.